Drone Project View

Here is the drone view of our project. We captured total view of our project with drone. We will be amazing after view this total video. Your will be totally able to well understand how much natural beautiful our project.

A few words


Dream Square resort began its journey in 2013 with the purpose of entertaining and energizing people by bringing them close to nature.We believe nothing is more beautiful and prefect than nature.

Great services

Dream Square Resort provides breathtaking space around the concrete jungle by providing green options to its guests. Beautiful landscapes are dotted with swimming pool and other amenities.

Online reservation

You can make your reservation through the online. It’s very easy process for done this. After reservation we will contact you for make you confirm.

our restaurant

Garden Restaurant occupies a large part of the resort on the ground floor. It has sitting capacity more than 200 persons at the same time. With an architectural character that combines tradition with modernity, the Garden Restaurant is a symbol of quality and good taste. The wealthy and assorted menu offers multinational cuisine and selected menus especially continental, Indian, Thai, Chinese and other famous delicious dishes by renowned chef from our hygienic and modern kitchen.

Room Services
Whether a light snack, a bowl of Soup or an elegant official welcoming, all are available just by a phone call from Room.

Buffet Breakfast
International cuisine with daily Buffet breakfast and additional delicious, regular and specialized menus is a complimentary service for our valued guests.

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